circuly Is Pro Circular Economy.

Why aren't our society's consumption habits circular too?

The earth 🌏  is running out of time, we need to act fast. ⚡️

So the Problem is....

People buy, use and dispose.

the retail industry is one of the most polluting industries.

the retail industry produces

260m tons of waste.

per year.

but circuly has a plan.

it's time for a change.

keeping products in use by implementing a

business model.

shift from a linear economy.

The limited resources of our planet are about to extinguish due to their extensive use in production of new products.

The spiral gets deeper, because new products need to be manufactured on and on and on ...

shift to a circular economy.

It is important to give durable consumer goods a longer life cycle, use our planet's limited resources effectively and produce less waste.

circuly supports companies to move towards a circular economy - we make circularity easy.

our key areas of impact.

what we aim for.

change the way we consume products.

empower change.

we are getting there.


what we identify.

aiming for sustainability in an unsustainable system.

we need you on our side.

your role.

what you can do.

renting instead of buying can lead to a CO2 reduction of 20-50%.

find out what you can do as an individual.

act now.

find out what you can do as a business.

learn more.

we have BIG ambitions!

our ambition.

challenge stakeholders.

“we are not gonna stop until we enable every company to adopt a circular business model”


now it's your time to act.