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The circuly software provides a perfect customer-centric and seamless renting experience for your customers. Explore the features!

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where circuly supports your rental or subscription business

circuly offers 3 different modules that cover your needs when launching and scaling your product subscription business in e-commerce.

white label checkout

Provide your customers with a seamless onboarding experience when subscribing to your products.

circuly makes renting just as easy as buying.

> Style the checkout to fit to your design and brand identity and create a wonderful customer journey.

> It's a conversion optimised checkout - so, be prepared to grow with us. Fast.

> Make it possible for your customers to do both - buy and rent at the same time to increase your cross- and upsell potential.

> Simply integrate your payment service provider (we make them smart for subscriptions).

Strollme Checkout

subscription management

Manage all your subscriptions in one single software and don't lose the overview with different tools and databases. We add more flexibility to your subscriptions.

> Your Payment Service Provider limits you in flexibility? We give you just that - change next billing dates, payment amounts and give discounts along the way.

> You want to offer upfront payments for daily rentals, monthly subscriptions, weekly or yearly subscriptions? Be our guest and do what suits your business best.

> You need to replace a broken product but the subscription should remain active? We automate that flow.

circuly Subscription Management Software

recurring payments & billing

circuly automates recurring payments to ensure your customers pay their recurring fees.

To facilitate your bookkeeping, for every transaction an invoice is generated automatically.

> You want to make sure your customers pay their monthly fees? We leverage your payment service provider and make sure you get your money.

> You also want to charge one-time fees, e.g. for a speeding ticket or bigger repair? Or refund a payment? Do that directly from the circuly operations backend with just a few clicks.

> We automatically create all invoices for every payment (recurring payments and one-time payment), so your bookkeeping is clean.

circuly Subscription Management Software

transactional communication

circuly helps you to keep your customers informed at all stages of their subscription.

With the automated transactional communication e-mails  you can make the most out of your close customer relationship in a subscription model.

> From "order confirmation" e-mails, and "your monthly invoice" e-mails to "your subscription is ending soon" - never miss the proper customer communication.

> All e-mail templates are 100% customisable in content and styling.

circuly Subscription Management Software

asset tracking & management

Never lose track of your assets. Using circuly, you always have an overview of where your products are, in what condition they are in and when they will come back.

> Know the commercial KPIs in your rental or subscription business - how much revenue did you make per product, how much did the repairs cost? circuly keeps track of all your assets.

> Know where your products are and when they will come back.

circuly Subscription Management Software

return handling & repairs

circuly helps you to manage your product returns and repairs digitally so you don't lose track of valuable product data.

> Automate product returns and the workflow thereafter - from automatically ending a subscription to pushing the product back in stock of your online shop.

> You have an external service provider to handle your returns? Just give them access to circuly or use our API to integrate with them.

circuly Subscription Management Software

customer login

Give your customer the flexibility to manage their subscriptions themselves - from ending a subscription, requesting a repair to changing their addresses and payment details.

The circuly customer login takes the heavy lifting off of your shoulders.

> Integrate the customer login directly to your online shop so that your customers can find it easily.

> Style the customer login and adjust the design to your needs.

> Give full transparency to your customer about their subscriptions.

> Let your customers report damages, request returns, download invoices and change address or payment details.

circuly Subscription Management Software
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10+ supported shop systems &
payment gateways

We integrate with your existing shop systems and payment service providers to give you the biggest freedom possible.

working with circuly

use best of class e-commerce tools for an unforgettable customer journey

working with circuly

easy implementation

We simply connect via API with your existing shop system and payment service provider - be it Shopify, Woocommerce, Stripe, Adyen... you name it. We support the most common ones. Contact us for more information about the integration - it can be done in a few simple steps.

working with circuly

continue using tools you love

circuly seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack - which makes us unique on the market.

So, keep your best in class e-commerce tools like Hubspot, ShipCloud or Zendesk that gives your customers a seamless e-commerce experience.

working with circuly

circuly API

Our whole software is build API-first. Enjoy the maximum flexibility with our API to customise your customer experience.

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In our blog you find helpful articles around the topic of rentals and product subscriptions.
our API

more flexibility with our API

You are a developer and on the mission to develop something great?
Read our API documentation or contact us for more information.

open questions?

how to integrate circuly?

circuly works like a plugin for shop systems (CMS) - that is why we can easily integrate with any shop system in no time. Contact us for a free demo and we show you how easily you can set up circuly yourself.

can I use my existing shop?

Absolutely - we know how much effort and hard work went into your shop, so you should keep it as is. We simply dock on to your API and connect our software to it. You can keep everything in place as is.

which CMS does circuly work with?

We currently support Shopify, WooCommerce, and Shopware 5 and 6 (on premise). If you have another CMS, let us know and we find a way!

which payment service providers circuly supports?

So far, we support Stripe, Braintree, Mollie, Adyen - and we are constantly expanding our portfolio. Your payment service provider is not on the list yet? Contact us and ask if we have it on our roadmap already.

is the software available in different languages?

Oh yes - you can use circuly in almost any language. This includes for example English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian ... and so on.

can we adjust the checkout to our design?

Absolutely! Every customer-facing element of the circuly software can be easily adjusted to your website style - like adding your brand colors and your logo. We ensure that your customer has a perfect rental journey.

is circuly taking care of the invoicing?

Yes. Together with the Payment Service Provider of your choice, we make sure that your customer and your bookkeeping department get all monthly invoices and transactions automatically.

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